One Light on Location is my latest instructional video designed to walk you through location photography step by step. The key to being a great photographer is in understanding how to work quickly and efficiently on location in different conditions. This video will walk you through everything I do to create great images quickly on location.

  • Location selection: How to recognize a good spot
  • Gear: Inexpensive gear that gets great results
  • Lighting: Where to put your light for the best results
  • Posing: Quick and easy posing to flatter your subject
  • Settings: How to set up your camera to work fast.

The Education Blog

Fuji WCL X100II: Is It Worth The Money

The WCL X100LL is a great lens Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat. When you pick up the WCL X100II and hold it in your hand you can feel the quality. On your camera you will immediately see that it's quality glass and that this is a lens that does...

The First 7 Things To Do When Setting Up Your Fuji X100V

I recently bought my third Fuji X100 camera. My first wwas the Fuji X100S, then the Fuji X100F and now the latest version, the Fuji X100V. Since this is my third camera in the line, I've had a lot of experience with the settings and controls so I thought it might be...

Fuji X100V: Why I Upgraded From The X100F

After two years with the Fuji X100F I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded to the Fuji X100V. Was it worth it? Watch my video to find out why I decided to spend the money and upgrade to the best X100 series camera yet. When trying to...

Why you should print your photographs

For years, photographers have been using the same reasoning to convince you to print your images. In this video, I explain the reasoning that I use and why I think it's better. Yes, you should purchase prints and wall art and albums... just not for the reason that...