Welcome to the Fuji X100 series Image Review!

This idea is so new that I haven’t even bothered to create a logo for it yet. I posted a video on YouTube asking if people would be interested in participating and the response was good enough that I thought we would give it a try. This is a fun experiment we are on together so let’s see what happens!

The goal of this review is for people to submit one image (usually there will be a theme) and then I will look through them and pick out some to review on my YouTube channel where I will talk about each one and point out things that make them stand out as well as areas that might improve them.

I want it to be fun, educational and most of all not scary. Maybe I’ll make it scary at a later date.






  • Image must be taken by you with a Fuji X100 series camera and no add-on lens (wide angle/telephoto)

  • .JPG only

  • No file should be less than 4000 pixels on it’s longest side.

  • No Files should be more than 6240 pixels on it’s longest side. (This is the native size from a Fuji x100 camera)

  • No file bigger than 5MB

  • Name your file with your name: Last Name-First Name (ex. perry-booray.jpg)




  • No free cropping. Images must be standard ratios. 1/1, 2/3, 4/5, 5/7,


  • No Photoshop

  • No removal of any elements of the image (although cropping out is allowed)

  • Black and white conversion is allowed as well as applying Fuji film recipes.

  • Basically, you can do the things that are available to do in Capture One, Lightroom, Bridge and other global editing programs like them. Correcting color, saturation, exposure, contrast, levels and so forth is fine. Dodge and burn is fine. No heal brush, no cloning, no sky replacement, no overlays.

  • Hopefully you can see where I’m going with this. Fine tuning the image is great but once you start removing and adding things it starts to become more about the editing than the photography and that’s not what we want this to be. I also don’t want people to feel they can’t participate because they aren’t photoshop wizards.




  • By participating in this showcase you are granting Booray Perry Photography the non-exclusive right to display your image (with accreditation) on places including but not limited to: Website, You Tube, Instagram and other social media outlets.

  • You are NOT granting me permission to publish, print or sell your image.

  • You also may have your image commented on or critiqued by Booray or a guest reviewer when it is shown.

May 2023

Your image must contain:

Landscape or skyline or building. 

Submissions close May 31st

Remember: Name your file with your name so I can give you credit! (Perry-Booray.jpg)

Be sure to read the rules above!

A Final Word

This review is meant to be a learning process. It’s a chance for you to have someone look at your images and give you some honest feedback based on years of experience as a professional photographer and image competition judge. Also, seeing someone review another person’s image can be very helpful as you will learn to notice things that you didn’t notice before.

It’s your work. It’s your art. At the end of the day all that really matters is that you like it. There is value in having other people look at your work and give you pointers but that doesn’t mean you have to follow them. Do what you love, find your own path… and if I can maybe point out a few things along the trail that you should avoid, great. If you think everything I say is wrong, that’s great too.

Have fun!