Photography Class For Mom (and Dad)

The holidays are finally over and you got that DSLR you’ve always wanted! The only problem is that there are 1000 buttons on the camera and 2000 pages in the manual!!

Back by popular demand, it’s Mom-tography!

This 3-hour, hands-on course will teach you the basics of photography, how your camera works and what settings to use to guarantee fantastic pictures of your family.

Topics include:

Understanding the basics. Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO. All camera’s work the same way. Understand these basics and you understand every camera ever made.

The only two camera modes you will ever need and how to use them.

Live shooting where I show you tricks for composition, posing and light. How to make the background blurry… how to freeze the action..

…and of course, Booray will answer any and all questions you might have!


What’s Required:

A DSLR camera (and bring it with you!)

Something for taking notes..


“I learned so much from your class! All the settings are so confusing and you did a great job of making it easy for us. When are you having another class? I have friends who want to sign up!”

Uyen Tran


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What Is It?

A 3-hour class that teaches you the fundamentals of photography.


When Is It?

Sunday, March 8th 2015

3-6 PM



How Do I Sign Up?

Just click the Link above to pay. Class is limited to ten people.