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Senior Portraits

Baby, Bar Mitzvah, Senior, Headshot, Wedding, FamilyThose are the times in your life when you need a good photographer.  Senior portraits capture your child at a turning point in their lives… that last bit of time before they truly enter adulthood.  Here in Tampa we are blessed to be able to shoot on location year-round and so we spend about 2 hours with your Senior capturing the essence of who they are at this critical stage of life.

Family Portraits

There is nothing that makes me smile more often than the portrait of my two daughters I have hanging in my house.  I look at it several times a day and it always makes me feel good.  Too many people are starting to believe that a picture is just something you see on Facebook or on your phone.  Great family portraiture that fills a wall space in your home brings joy every day.  It’s funny, but when ever I produce a big, beautiful family portrait for someone’s home, they always come back for a new one a few years later. Once you see the joy that a big family portrait brings you every day, you never want to be without it. Don’t put it off… the kids are growing fast.  Schedule a session today.  


Business headshots are different than portraits. A good professional headshot is a must in today’s world of online interaction. Your headshot is your professional face to the world so make sure it’s a good one. Visit the professional headshot page here.

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The Portrait Blog

Tampa Headshots

Just finished up a couple of headshots for a long-time client. Since moving to my new location, I now can do indoor/studio headshots or outdoor/natural style headshots at the same place, which is great!

Character Portraits

What is a Character Portrait? My friend and fellow photographer Kira Derryberry was in town last week for a board meeting of the Florida Professional Photographer's Association and was kind enough to do a new family portrait of my family. In addition to a traditional...

Dance Photographer in Tampa

I'm what you might call a "full service" photographer because there isn't much I don't do. I'm probably best known for photographing beach weddings because I do so many of those (over 500 at this point) but I do so many other projects throughout the year. One of my...

Modern Headshots in Tampa

It's so nice to have my studio space up and running again! Today I did my first headshot (or Executive Portrait if you prefer). Normally, I go on location for a headshot in Tampa but sometimes people come to me. In this case, I did two versions for my client (Bradley...

Professional Tampa Headshots

I recently took a break from moving into my new house to shoot some professional Tampa headshots on my birthday. This job was especially fun because they needed a couple of different types of photography. I really enjoy it when a company takes the extra step of having...

Tampa Bay Headshots

I love when clients come back to see me. It's pretty common to see families many times over the years as they return for updated portraits but weddings are hit and miss. Sometimes they come back for family portraits as their family grows, other times I never see them...

Dance Pictures

I've been shooting the dance pictures for Karl & DiMarco for 5 or 6 years now. Over that time I've watched these girls grow up. At the recital last saturday, I got hugged by two girls in college who I've photographed every year since they were in Middle School....

Why Do Digital Picture Files Cost So Much?

One of the things that I notice a lot is that younger clients don't understand why digital files are more expensive than prints. My older clients seem to get it but the young ones not so much. They think, "I'm not even getting anything! Just the digital file!" Why are...

A Little Tip About Your Profile Pic

I always like it when I discover something I didn't know. Even if it's a little thing. The other day I met someone and after we parted, he sent me a text. I noticed that his picture popped up with his text message.  Later, when I was sending him an email through...