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Headshots and Professional Portraits are more important than ever before

BoorayRemember the old days when you had a headshot or professional portrait done maybe once in your whole life?  That one picture would last for years because it was rarely used.  Maybe they put it in the company directory or on the wall like the manager photos at Publix?

That’s not the case today.

With the rise of Facebook, Websites, Linkedin, etc, there’s a good chance that most people will see a picture of you before they ever meet you.  It’s never been more important to have a great, professional portrait to use on your social media pages, business cards, website, etc.

If you look around my website and blog you’ll see my picture all over the place. That’s me to the left there… look at how cute I am! Don’t you just want to call me up and book a session? Of course you do! Because I have a nice, friendly, professionally retouched face. In person I may look like Yoda but online I’m handsome and charming. That’s the power of a good business headshot.

Modern Professional Business Headshots – Tampa, St. Pete

There are several style available to someone wanting a professional headshot. In recent years, the rise of online activity and social media has led to a new, more modern style of headshot.

These business headshots are a litle more relaxed, a little more casual and are meant to convey warmth and familiarity. For womenpmodern style headshot,Modern style headshot there is a touch of glamour. They are great for business while still being friendly and fun enough for Facebook. If you look around online, you’ll see that a lot of young people are getting this style of portrait. Business isn’t “all business” anymore and since your online headshot is your face to the outside world, people are choosing to project themselves in a way that is both professional and casual.

We create these portraits on location. Either using a natural background or bringing in a background to the location. You can have everyone in your office photographed in a clean, modern style on their lunch break. Save me a bagel.

Traditional Business Headshots and Portraits – Tampa, St. Pete

tampa headshotsSome things last forever for a reason. The classic business headshot has been around for decades and it’s still perfect for conveying a clean, professional look. The modern style above is great but sometimes it’s best to stay with the classics. As with any job, we can come right to your office and photograph everyone. No need to send everyone to a studio. All we need is a break room, conference room or supply closet and we can do the whole office in no time. It will look like everyone went to a custom studio on the same day and everyone will match on your website and company materials.

Headshot Pricing – Tampa, St. Pete

We offer volume pricing and try to work with your budget. The more people you need photographed, the less it will be per person. All our headshots include the full-size digital file with a release of copyright so you can use it indefinitely. Contact us via email or call direct and we’ll be able to give you a competitive price be it a single image or a hundred people.

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