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Having a professional Linkedin profile picture Tampa has never been more important. Your profile picture is your first impression to potential clients, employers and business contacts. Booray Perry Photography will make sure you have a Linkedin profile picture that you are proud of.

What should my Linkedin profile picture look like?

First and foremost, it should look like it was shot by a professional headshot photographer. Just as you woudn’t show up to a job interview dressed in your pajamas, you don’t present your business profile to the world with a cellphone pic. Proper lighting, posing, clothes and a photographer with years of experience will guarantee that your investment in yourself pays off. We’ll try differnt poses and looks until we get the image that you love. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

linkedin profile picture in Tampa Bay
Linkedin profile pic
Linkedin profile picture from Tampa Bay
Modern Linkedin profile picture

What background should I have on my Linkedin profile picture?

We have many backgrounds to choose from, both real and digital. The most popular background requested by my clients is white but it’s not always the best choice. Considerations like skin tone, clothing color are important as well as what you are trying to say about yourself. We’ll consider everything when helping you pick the best background color.

Linkedin profile picture grey background
Linkedin Profile picture for a lawyer
Linkedin profile picture with digital background
blue background linkedin profile

Can I get my profile picture fast?

Yes. It’s not unusual for clients to have their image the same day. Sometimes in just a few hours. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do everything we can to accomodate you!

What should I wear for my Linkedin profile picture?

We’ve got a clothing guide for professional headshots that has great tipes for making sure you look your best! Just remeber: Simple is best. You want your headshot to last for years so stick with styles that won’t go out of style soon.

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professional linkedin portrait
Linkedin medical profile picture

What size or crop should my headshot have?

We provide you with a full-size wide image so you can use it anywhere you need. We’ll also include a custom crop just right for Linkein. Check out our guide to cropping your headshot.

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