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All photo booths are not the same.

Here in Tampa and St. Petersburg there are dozens of photo booth companies. We’re a little different than most.

photo booth tampaTypically, a photo booth is, well, a booth. You climb in, take a few pictures and get a thin strip of paper with tiny, square pictures on it.  Maybe you’re looking at the camera, maybe not.  Maybe your head is cut off.  Maybe you couldn’t squeeze all four people in the tiny booth.  It doesn’t really matter because you’ll probably toss the pictures pretty fast anyway. 

We do things a little differently because we make beautiful, custom photo albums for our clients and they frequently want photo booth pictures included.  So, our photo booth isn’t a booth at all.  It’s really a “Portable Portrait Studio” complete with professional lighting, professional hi-speed printing and (gasp!) an actual photographer!

So, you get big, beautiful, 4×6 prints with a custom border and you get them fast.  You can crowd more people into the pictures.  Grandma and Grandpa don’t have to break a hip getting into the booth because there is no booth… they just walk up!  You get all this and the whole thing still fits into a small area at your party. We like to say that our photo booth prints are, “Refridgerator Worthy.” (..good enough to stick on the refridgerator.)

Oh, and by the way… if you don’t think that a photo booth will make a difference at your party you’re wrong.  They are always a hit!  People love them and they come back again and again! Plus, they make a great party favor so that’s one less thing to worry about! 

There’s more information at the Tampa Photo Booth Website!

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