Brandon and Lori are getting married next April so they wanted to send out some “Save the Dates” to make sure guests didn’t plan anything for that day. I think “Save the Dates” are a great idea. Your wedding date is a big deal and it’s a shame when people you love can’t come because of a prior commitment. “Save the Dates” can help keep that from happening.

We had planned for an engagement session at the park. We arrived and were no sooner out of the car when the sky opened up and a hard rain began to fall. It wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. I suggested scheduling for another day but Brandon and Lori are busy (aren’t we all nowadays!) and Lori was all made up so we switched to plan “B”.

We headed to Safety Harbor Resort and Spa where Brandon charmed us past the front desk so we could shoot on property (they are always nice to me there). Not being able to go outside limited our options quite a bit but we made it work and were able to get plenty of images to choose from for the “Save the Dates.”

Eventually, they settled on the 5×5 magnet below. I’m a big fan of the magnet because people put them on the refrigerator and there’s no chance they will lose it.

save the date magnet

We went through several designs before settling on the one above. I’m sure they won’t mind if I show another one that I liked..

save the date magnet 2

Looking forward to a great wedding next year!