Senior Portraits in Tampa Bay

I photograph senior portraits all over Tampa Bay. I love them all, I really do. High School seniors are at such a great time in their life and the sessions are always fun and produce great images. Sometimes the boys aren’t all that eager but we make it fun and easy and they come around. The girls are always fantastic.

Bar Mitzvah Photographyy

Because I do all kinds of photography, not just Senior Portraits, I get that rare opportunity to photograph many families multiple times and form friendships over the years. Such was the case with the Kallish family when they asked me to photograph their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah back in 2011. Alexandria was great

Senior Portraits Tampa Bay

Three years later in 2014 I got asked to photograph younger sister Karly’s Bat Mitzvah. Just like her sister, Karly had a custom guest book made so I got to photograph her in a private session leading up to the event.

Senior Portraits Tampa Bay
Senior Portraits Tampa Bay

Now it’s 2019 and I just completed Karly’s senior pictures. That’s 8 years since the first time I photographed her and it’s such a wonderful experience to watch these kids grow and be able to capture them at these important milestone moments. I know it may seem like marketing-speak but it’s not: I really love that I have a job that allows me to watch these kids grow into wonderful adults. It makes me feel old sometimes but it’s worth it!

It seems like yesterday I was photographing her at her big sister’s Bat Mitzvah and now look at her!

bar mitzvahs and seniors
Senior Portraits Tampa Bay
Black and white portraits tampa

Photographed at the Tampa Riverwalk.

Want to talk about Senior Portraits! Here’s where you start.

Temple Beth Am and a Great Idea

It’s Monday and I’m still recovering from another Bat Mitzvah Weekend at Temple Beth Am in Tampa. We did temple portraits on Friday morning, family portraits on Saturday morning and then the party that night at Hunter’s Green Country Club in Tampa. It’s a long weekend for me to be sure but it’s nothing compared to what the family does which includes the actual service, a luncheon, brunch and of course entertaining all the out-of-town visitors and family. It’s exhausting I’m sure but also such a great time with family and friends!

Temple Beth Am Bat Mitzvah

This weekend it was Elana’s turn and she was a delight. She was patient and kind and all the things you hope for when working with a teenager who is being asked to do so much. I’m constantly impressed by these kids and their ability to be graceful under pressure.

Temple Beth Am Bat Mitzvah

Here’s What I Saw at Temple Beth Am

I saw something this weekend that I’ve never seen before and I wanted to talk about it a bit because it’s such a great idea. One of the things that the family always does for a Bat Mitzvah is to buy flower arrangements for the bimah (the dais or platform at the front of the temple). I’m always sure to get a picture of these flowers as part of my coverage. But this time, there were no flowers.

This time, there were food baskets.

Temple Beth Am Bat Mitzvah

I found out later that Tracy, Elana’s mother, is Chairman of the Board at Joshua House, a great organization in Tampa that helps abused and neglected children. I guess serving an organization like that tends to make you see everything as an opportunity for good and so she just couldn’t bring herself to buy flowers that would go to waste after a few days. Instead, they decorated food baskets which they will donate to a local food bank after the event.

It’s such a great idea. Here’s a chance to donate to a great cause and help some people without spending any money… I mean, you would spend the money on the flowers anyway, right? It’s the sort of thing I would love to see become a tradition in Temple Beth Am and other houses of worship everywhere. What a great idea!

I haven’t even started working on the images yet but I’ll be posting a bunch in a few weeks when they are ready. In the meantime, here’s my page for Bar Mitzvah Photography in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Portrait Photographer
My daughter Mackenzie, my youngest, turns 13 today meaning that I now have two teenage daughters and am officially old.
I made her sit for me this morning so I could capture this moment in her life for posterity. As I was sitting at my computer doing the final touches on this image I thought about all my friends and family who don’t live with a professional photographer and how lucky I am to do what I do and to be able to get images like this of my family.
Then I realized that anyone can get images like this…. they just have to take the time to schedule a portrait session with a pro and create some timeless art. The rise of cellphones and “fun” pictures has caused so many people to skip the professional portrait, what we often call the “character” portrait and it’s a real shame.
Get your family photographed by a pro. I shouldn’t be the only one who has images like this to look at in my golden years.
Honest… I didn’t shoot this portrait as an excuse to solicit business. Get some portraits of your family… doesn’t have to be from me.