I recently made a new video where I discuss the Fuji XT-3 and an issue that I have with the ergonomics. I’m a big Fuji Fan, I love my X100F and have been thinking about switching to Fuji for my professional work for a while now. The XT-3 is a fantastic camera, fun to use, well-built, excellent image quality and focus. I love it, but I can’t use it.

One of the reasons I want to move to a crop-sensor mirror-less camera is the smaller form factor and reduced weight. Carrying all that gear for an 8 hour wedding day can be a burden. Unfortunately, despite wanting a smaller camera, I still need a big grip because swinging that camera with a big lens and a big flash from your hip to your eye 1000 times in a day requires a rock steady hold on the camera.

The problem with the XT-3 is that the camera is so thin and the grip so minimal that it’s hard to hold well in my right hand. Add to that the trigger placement in the “traditional” spot on top of the camera (compared to the modern “trigger” style and you get a camera that is forever unsteady in your hand. Sure, you can put a larger grip on the camera but this won’t solve the trigger issue. You still have to rotate your palm to get to the trigger which moves the camera into a position where it is held by the fingers and thumb pad, instead of the palm grip we have on other cameras.

It’s a real shame because I would love to switch and if I shot in studio or natural light or with prime lenses I would make the jump. But this old gunslinger needs a pistol that fits my hand like a glove and the Fuji XT-3 just doesn’t do it.

Oh well, there’s always the Fuji XH-2. :)