I love when clients come back to see me. It’s pretty common to see families many times over the years as they return for updated portraits but weddings are hit and miss. Sometimes they come back for family portraits as their family grows, other times I never see them again except for Facebook updates.

That’s why I love it when someone comes back years later.

I shot Bonnie and Chuck’s wedding on July 4th. 2010. It was outdoors, it rained, we moved inside and it was great. Great wedding, great images, great couple… everything you love about being a wedding photographer. The rain managed to stop just long enough for us to run out for a few sunset pictures.

Headshot Tampa bay

Well, Bonnie called me last week… she needed a good headshot quick. Could I do it?

tampa headshot

It was great catching up!

I love this picture so much that I feature it on my business headshot page. ..