Oh my, I have been busy!

I’m about half-way through what may be my busiest summer yet with weddings galore, Senior pics, Family pics, Headshots… you name it, I’ve done it in the last 2 months.

Of course, this leaves little time for blogging but I did want to get a few pictures online from a wedding last week because there were a couple of interesting shots.


First, the bride’s bouquet was really different:

treasure island beach wedding


Second, the couple had a daughter who really didn’t want daddy to have to stand up there all by himself:

treasure island beach wedding

Finally, the bride wore a unique dress. I see all kinds of dresses on the beach (still waiting for the day that someone gets married in a bikini) but never one like this:

treasure island beach wedding

The beach is one of those places where you really have a lot of choices. You can go full gown and it’s okay… you can do “hybrid” and it’s okay too! There’s no rules! I thought this was great!