Tampa Portrait Photographer
My daughter Mackenzie, my youngest, turns 13 today meaning that I now have two teenage daughters and am officially old.
I made her sit for me this morning so I could capture this moment in her life for posterity. As I was sitting at my computer doing the final touches on this image I thought about all my friends and family who don’t live with a professional photographer and how lucky I am to do what I do and to be able to get images like this of my family.
Then I realized that anyone can get images like this…. they just have to take the time to schedule a portrait session with a pro and create some timeless art. The rise of cellphones and “fun” pictures has caused so many people to skip the professional portrait, what we often call the “character” portrait and it’s a real shame.
Get your family photographed by a pro. I shouldn’t be the only one who has images like this to look at in my golden years.
Honest… I didn’t shoot this portrait as an excuse to solicit business. Get some portraits of your family… doesn’t have to be from me.