I recently was asked to photograph a 50-year vow renewal at Isla Del Sol in St. Petersburg. I don’t get to do many of these because not everybody makes it to 50 years of marriage and those that do don’t always have a vow renewal.

But when they do, and I get to photograph it, it’s always a treat. I imagine it’s very special to the couple for several reasons, one of them being that most everyone at the ceremony was born after their first wedding. Renewing your vows in front of an audience that includes quite a few people who only exist because you got married the first time is pretty cool.

This last one was great and I was especially interested in the picture they had on display from their first wedding. I love old wedding photography. So, we decided to re-enact it 50 years later:

vow renewal

I shot the first one for the happy couple but I shot the second one for me. They wanted a re-enactment photo and I wanted one that showed the original as well so I could share it with you. :)