I’ve been slammed lately with clients and orders and building a new headshot Tampa website so I’ve fallen a little behind with my blogging. It’s a shame because there are so many things I want to show and talk about!  But before I start all that stuff, let’s get another great Bar Mitzvah Album posted. (For more Bar Mitzvah photography details, head here)

Albert’s Bar Mitzvah was late last year and we just recently wrapped up the album design and printing. These albums can sometimes take over a year to complete because the family will often wait a while before selecting images. After a big event like this, they need a break and then summer comes along and the next thing you know it’s been a year and, “Oh my! We still have to finish the album!” Not to worry. We don’t care how long you take. What’s important is that we get it right for you so we don’t put a timeline on it. In fact, I sometimes think that the album benefits from a little “distance” from the event, enabling you to look at it with more of an eye towards what the album should be for future generations, etc.

Luke was my second Bar Mitzvah for the family. I also photographed his sister a few years ago. This album prints as a 12×12 book with panoramic images (meaning there is no gutter) and it opens flat. The cover is custom leather.

We went through a few drafts on this one. I work closely with the family to make the album be what they want it to be. For example, I originally had a completely different back ground on the pages.

Tampa Bar Mitzvah Photographer