I just wrapped up a weekend photographing the Bat Mitzvah of Lainey Markman. I’ve known the Markmans for a few years because I also photographed their son’s Bar Mitzvah. The single greatest thing about photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in Tampa is that most families have several children so you get to work with them over the span of several years. By the time you get to the youngest child, you’re practically family. :)

I had the chance to photograph Lainey 4 times in all and I thought it would be nice to share one image from each session.

The first time was at the beach when I photographed her for her Photo Guest Book:

Bat Mitzvah Photography Tampa Bay

Then, I photographed her again at the Friday night family dinner:

Bat Mitzvah Photography Tampa Bay

Saturday morning at the temple:

Bat Mitzvah Photography Tampa Bay

…and finally, at the party Saturday night!

Bat Mitzvah Photography Tampa

Of course there are hundreds more images that will go into a gallery for the family and the custom Bat Mitzvah album I am designing but I wanted to share these four because it’s not every day you get to photograph someone on 4 separate occasions! (…although, I do photograph most Bar Mitzvah kid’s 3 times).