Matt and Kate traveled down to St. Pete for a vacation and stayed at the Don Cesar Resort. When it came time to get married, they came back to The Don with family and friends!

Their wedding at The Don was a big success. We got a brief shower right after the ceremony but it only lasted a few minutes and we were still able to get back out for some great beach shots.

The first picture below is the wrap-around cover from their album and the rest our double-page spreads from the inside. I design the albums but every image is hand-picked by the couple to insure that they have a wedding album that is perfect for them.

The “Booray Perry” watermark on each page isn’t in the album. Unfortunately, I have to stamp everything I put online now ever since someone stole an entire wedding from me and posted it on their website as an example of their work!


Don Cesar Wedding Don Cesar Wedding_002 Don Cesar Wedding_003 Don Cesar Wedding_004 Don Cesar Wedding_005 Don Cesar Wedding_006 Don Cesar Wedding_007 Don Cesar Wedding_008 Don Cesar Wedding_009 Don Cesar Wedding_010 Don Cesar Wedding_011 Don Cesar Wedding_012 Don Cesar Wedding_013 Don Cesar Wedding_014 Don Cesar Wedding_015 Don Cesar Wedding_016 Don Cesar Wedding_017 Don Cesar Wedding_018 Don Cesar Wedding_019 Don Cesar Wedding_020 Don Cesar Wedding_021