Last Saturday I photographed the wedding of Michael and Kimberly at The Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg. It’s always a treat to work at The Don because the hotel has such a rich history. It’s been a pink palace on the beach here since the 1920’s!

The weather was fantastic and the ceremony ran a little late, to the point where the sun was touching the ocean when they had their first kiss as man and wife. As soon as the walked back down the aisle I grabbed them and rushed them to the water so we could get sunset pictures before it was too late. We then did the family photo’s after, upstairs in the banquet hall. This is going to sound like bragging (and it is.. :) but it’s a perfect example of how I am always telling people about the importance of hiring a professional (hopefully certified) wedding photographer. I had maybe 10 minutes before the sun was gone and still managed to get 20 good shots with different poses and lighting. If I didn’t have hundreds of beach weddings to my credit I would never have been able to do so much so fast. Yes, I know it’s bragging but that’s what blogs are for. :)


Here’s a few shots from the day. :)

Don Cesar Wedding Don Cesar Wedding - 002 Don Cesar Wedding - 003 Don Cesar Wedding - 004 Don Cesar Wedding - 005 Don Cesar Wedding - 006 Don Cesar Wedding - 007 Don Cesar Wedding - 008