We live in a digital age. For many people, their phone is the way they view pictures. Any time they want to look at a picture they simply grab their phone and jump to the gallery… scrolling and scrolling until they find what they want. Here’s the problem:

It takes effort.

“Not that much,” you’re thinking. “How hard is it to scroll through my phone?”

That’s not the kind of effort I’m talking about. I’m talking about mental effort and that actually changes the experience. There is a difference between looking for an image to view it and “happening” upon an image. There is a surprise… and unexpected boost of endorphins that occurs when you see an image without “trying” to see it. This is the reason that people have kept family portraits on their desk for years. There’s a benefit to having your eyes fall across a picture of your kids in the middle of a stressful day. That benefit is not the same as if you had to think, “I want to see a picture of my kids,” and go digging in your pocket for your phone.

This is why you should display wedding pictures in your home with an album on a table or prints on the wall. The unexpected joy that they bring in unexpected times cannot be measured. When you’re having a bad day, suddenly seeing a picture from the happiest day of your life can be a huge relief and remind you of all you have that is wonderful.

I have a picture from my wedding next to my bed. My friends have wall art. My house is covered in family portraits and I recently completed seven pieces for a wedding I photographed.

Print your pictures. Enjoy the joy.

Print your wedding pictures