I know that it’s a cliche’ in my industry that wedding photographers are always “over the moon” about their clients. You see them posting on Facebook all the time about how awesome their clients are and how lucky they feel to be able to photograph their wedding. We all know that there’s a little bit of hyperbole thrown in there (bonus points for using the word, “hyperbole.” And yes, I looked it up to make sure it means what I think it means).

But, my brides really are awesome.

I seem to attract brides who are fun, silly, carefree… exactly the kind you love as a photographer. And, they do great little things like send you a text message the day after the wedding when you are barely able to move after 8 hours on your feet carrying all that gear, your hand cramping from holding that brick of a camera, tired from staying up until 2 a.m. downloading files.

Bride text

It’s the “..and stuff” part that made my day.

She probably spent all morning texting everyone involved with the wedding and probably doesn’t realize how nice it is to wake up after a long day of hard work, turn-on your phone and see a little something like that.

I love my brides.

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