Just finished up Jessica and Phillip’s wedding from Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg. Getting ready to start on their custom wedding album.

Jessica and Phillip are both opera singers. That’s right, opera singers. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, families and so on but I’m still amazed at the diversity of people that I meet. So, now I can say I’ve photographed opera singers. Check that off the list!

Jessica’s mom, Kathy, is a photographer and she was very involved with the decision to have me be their wedding photographer. I think that a lot of photographers shy away from working for other photographers for fear that they won’t meet expectations. I’ve done it a few times and it’s always been great. I think that working for someone who understands the nuance of it all can be a blessing sometimes.

Now, I will shamelessly post the wonderful things she wrote about me on Facebook:

“Words cannot express how pleased we are with your photo’s of Jess & Phil’s wedding. OK, AMAZING, that’s a good word! Thank you for recording our special day! You captured Jess beautifully; her energy and excitment. Thanks again!”

I’ve worked at Mahaffey Theater before, but the wedding was outside on the lawn. This was the first time I’ve worked inside for the ceremony. The reception is always in the same room.

There were over 500 images from the wedding but here’s a few of my favorites from the day…


Mahaffey Wedding St Petersburg Mahaffey Wedding_002 Mahaffey Wedding_003 Mahaffey Wedding_004 Mahaffey Wedding_005 Mahaffey Wedding_006 Mahaffey Wedding_007 Mahaffey Wedding_008 Mahaffey Wedding_009 Mahaffey Wedding_010 Mahaffey Wedding_011 Mahaffey Wedding_012 Mahaffey Wedding_013 Mahaffey Wedding_014 Mahaffey Wedding_015 Mahaffey Wedding_016 Mahaffey Wedding_017 Mahaffey Wedding_018 Mahaffey Wedding_019 Mahaffey Wedding_020 Mahaffey Wedding_021 Mahaffey Wedding_022 Mahaffey Wedding_023 Mahaffey Wedding_024 Mahaffey Wedding_025 Mahaffey Wedding_026 Mahaffey Wedding_027