I recently photographed the wedding of Mike and Crystal at The Omni Championsgate in Orlando. One of the things that I always tell my brides is that,

“Something will go wrong. It may be a small thing, it may be a big thing but it’s almost impossible to plan a day with so many variables and have everything work exactly according to plan. I’ve seen cakes with the wrong monogram, programs with the wrong date, busted straps, rain, you name it…”

I don’t tell them this to scare them but rather to prepare them so that if there is a problem they don’t meltdown. All that planning can build up some stress on your wedding day and you need to relax and enjoy yourself. When you book me for your wedding, I’ll make this same speech to you when we have our final consult. Feel free to tell me you already read it on the blog. :)

If you want an example of how to handle a problem on your wedding day, look no further than Crystal. On the day of the wedding, her florist ended up in the hospital. There were no flowers. No bouquets, no centerpieces, no corsages. 

She never stopped smiling.

Someone went to Publix and bought a bunch of flowers. The bridesmaids quickly made small bouquets for everyone, The concierge rustled up some centerpieces. Crystal was calm and collected throughout it all, The wedding was great, everyone was happy, the pictures are fantastic and Mike and Crystal will always have a story to tell about their wedding.

Also, there was a helicopter. More about that below…

Here are a few of my favorite images from the wedding..

Omni championsgate orlando wedding

One of the bridesmaids making bouquets…

See the helicopter in the background? The couple actually took off in the helicopter for a tour following the ceremony..