I recently took a break from moving into my new house to shoot some professional Tampa headshots on my birthday. This job was especially fun because they needed a couple of different types of photography. I really enjoy it when a company takes the extra step of having two different shots of each person.

Tampa headshot photography

First up was the standard headshot on a white background. I brought in everything I needed and set up in the waiting area. I can do these at my studio as well but many people find it more convenient to have me come to the office and do everyone there so it doesn’t take people away from their job for too long.

tampa headshot photography

Next, I photographed each person in what we call an “environmental” style. The idea is to bring a more modern, relaxed vibe to the portrait. I love doing these because of the challenges of finding good locations no matter where I am.

Tampa head shot photographer

It rare that I get to do both at one location. Most of the time, people want one or the other. I spent the morning bouncing back and forth between the portable studio setup and the halls and offices in the building that I used for the environmental headshots.

tampa headshots

It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend my birthday!