tampa wedding photographerYesterday, I was meeting with Derek and Beth so they could see all their wedding images and pick up their files when Beth mentioned something that got a laugh. She pointed out that some of her bridesmaids had hair ties around their wrists all day.

What’s funny is that in the last few days, hair ties seem to just be everywhere. I shot a friend in studio this weekend as part of an ongoing personal project that I’m doing and there was a hair tie on her wrist. I shot my daughter after school when she won Best in Show at the State Fair with a hair tie on her wrist, Beth’s bridesmaids had hair tie’s on their wrists and… here’s the best part… when Beth pointed it out I looked down and…. I had a hair tie on my wrist. On my way to answer the door, I saw one on the floor, picked it up and put it on my wrist. :)

Hair ties are everywhere in my world!


Hair ties everywhere