Today, one of my clients posted something on Facebook and it was really special. In this business, reviews are important so we often have to ask people to write a review for us online in order to help with Google SEO and the like. I’m never comfortable asking for a review but I know that it’s necessary so I do it anyway.

That’s why it’s so nice when someone takes the time to write something without any prompting. I’m just going about my day when this really nice thing appears on Facebook and reminds me of why I love my job. Then, because it is a job, I have to copy and paste it to my blog. :)

Our wedding photographer Booray Perry won some awards last night, including first prize in the event category for a photo of us! While Booray’s skills in photography and my bride’s radiant beauty made for a great photo, Booray deserves more than just this prize. From our first conversations with him, he put us at ease, and left us with amazing photos that captured some truly special moments better than Kait or I could have imagined was possible. Kaitlyn and I are truly grateful to Booray for his work, and for all he did to make our wedding so special!
If you get a wedding photographer and it’s not Booray, you failed. The Force is strong with him.

Check out the post below this one to see the image he’s referring too. ┬áIt’s “The Look of Love.”