I just finished Laura and rich’s wedding album from their wedding at The Sirata Resort. Laura is a big “picture-person” and she wanted to be sure that she got everything she wanted. So, in addition to doing a “first-look” she decided to do romantic images and bridal party shots before the wedding. To avoid being seen by the guests, we went to a different beach.

Boy, did it pay off because just as her ceremony was ending it started to rain. We managed to get the group shots but were unable to get any sunset shots. Luckily, we had all the images we had shot before the wedding so everything was fine.

Laura and Rich picked enough images for their album that we were able to fill 50 pages!

The “Booray Perry Photography” logo that you see on each page isn’t in the final album. I just put that on the images here because I’ve had people steal my work and claim it as their own in the past… 


Sirata Resort Wedding Sirata Wedding_002 Sirata Wedding_003 Sirata Wedding_004 Sirata Wedding_005 Sirata Wedding_006 Sirata Wedding_007 Sirata Wedding_008 Sirata Wedding_009 Sirata Wedding_010 Sirata Wedding_011 Sirata Wedding_012 Sirata Wedding_013 Sirata Wedding_014 Sirata Wedding_015 Sirata Wedding_016 Sirata Wedding_017 Sirata Wedding_018 Sirata Wedding_019 Sirata Wedding_020 Sirata Wedding_021 Sirata Wedding_022 Sirata Wedding_023 Sirata Wedding_024 Sirata Wedding_025