Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing Sirik and Charlotte’s wedding at The Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings including my share of weddings with men in kilts but I think this is the first time I ever had a bagpipe player! Sirata beach Resort Wedding Charlotte and Sirik were relaxed and happy, the family and friends all seemed to be having a great time. It’s not a bad life spending every weekend surrounded by happiness and love!  A lot of people had traveled from far away (California! The U.K.!) Sirata Beach Resort Wedding It started out very hot, then a storm front rolled in and gave us shade just in time for the group pictures. It was really starting to look bad by the time we started on the portraits but we never got wet! Sirata Beach Resort Wedding I always tell my wedding couples to remind their guests not to stand up and walk around during the ceremony. People are pretty relaxed on the beach and I’ve had too many times where someone stands up and blocks me during an important moment (like the first kiss.) I’ve written about it before… Anyway, when I arrived, Sirik handed me a program and I was quite surprised when I looked at the back page: That’s the second time I’ve been included in the wedding program (Here’s the first) and the first time I’ve ever been a cartoon! (“Don’t forget your candy” refers to the candy table they had setup.)

Sirata Beach Resort Wedding 3That’s all for now!