Schaarai Zedek Bar Mitzvah Photography

I’ve had the privilege of photographing a Bar mitzvah in just about every temple in Tampa Bay and can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every one. The Rabbi’s are always accommodating and friendly to me and I’ve never been unable to get great images for my clients.

But Schaarai Zedek is my favorite. It was the first temple I ever worked in (oh so long ago) and I work there more than any other temple in Tampa. But the best part is the people who I interact with every time I’m there. Mark, the executive director, is always happy to see me and eager to help me if needed (thanks for getting me that step stool I needed that time!) and of course, Rabbi Birnholz.

I’ve photographed a lot of Bar Mitzvahs (and Bat Mitzvahs too, of course) but Rabbi Birnholz has presided over more than you could count in his career. Yet, despite it being his millionth time, I watch him working patiently with the family and friends as he walks them through the rehearsal with grace and humor and it’s an inspiration. Never have I seen him annoyed or in a bad mood and he’s always kind to me even though I’m sure there have been some pushy photographers in his years. I’m told the Rabbi is retiring this year and I’ll miss him dearly. I’m sure he doesn’t know my name but I know his and I’ve truly enjoyed watching him handle “customer relations” all these years. I’m comforted in knowing that his replacement is a great guy too.

schaarai zedek rabbi

I recently worked with Luke McLaughlin and family at Schaarai Zedek for Luke’s Bar Mitzvah. We ended up with over 400 great images from the portraits session, temple rehearsal and party. Here are a few favorites:

We did a custom photo guest book for Luke’s party with images from a portrait session we shot on location in South Tampa. Luke is a big sports guy so we were sure to get him in a variety of his uniforms:

Tampa Bar Mitzvah Photographer

I’ll be honest, some teenage boys are harder to photograph then others. No surprise that a lot of boys would just as soon not be having their picture taken but not the case with Luke. He was just fantastic to work with… great attitude and having fun.

The temple session went great as always.

schaarai zedek bar mitzvah

Tampa Bar Mitzvah Photographer 009

The party was sports themed and the decorations were great. Carin really out-did herself at CZ Design.

Palma Ceia Bar Mitzvah Tampa

Palma Ceia Tampa Bar mitzvah

Coke/Pepsi is always a great game…

This is without a doubt my favorite Bar Mitzvah game. Always great pictures.