Okay, so I know how this will look because people are always raving about how wonderful their clients are… “Oh! My clients are the best!’ etc, etc…

But I’ve had two incredible Bat Mitzvah photo sessions in the last weeks. Both girls showed up ready to give it their all and it was just a joy working with them.

Alissa’s Bat Mitzvah Guest Book just arrived today. She’s going to love it!

Tampa bat Mitzvah Photographers


We ended up with so many great images that her Mom added pages to the book to fit them all in. :)

Tampa Bat Mitzvah Photography


Tampa Bat Mitzvah Photographer


The other great session was Isabelle, who I just photographed yesterday. I haven’t even started the post-processing work yet but the images are going to be great. We went to the University of Tampa (or, as I like to call it: The Tampa Photographer’s Convention… because there are always so many photographers there). I do want to show one quick image, however:

Tampa bat Mitzvah photographer


Again, I know that people are always blogging about how great their clients are because, let’s face it, it never hurts to be nice to your clients! :) But this is the real deal. These girls were just fantastic!