Last week I got together with Katie and Tim for their engagement session at the beach. It was an overcast day so we didn’t get a spectacular sunset but that’s okay because the place I like to shoot has some very cool stuff nearby. I’m all about options!

One of the things that most people don’t realize is that there is no “perfect” light for daylight photography. Oh, sure… there’s plenty of times when you have perfect light for a particular type of photograph but rarely is it perfect for all kinds of photography.

Sunsets are a good example. Sometimes you get an overcast day and the sun is so blanketed in clouds that you don’t get a great sunset. But, what one hand takes away, the other gives back because what you do get is what we call “flat, even light.” That means no harsh shadows or directional light which means you can put people anywhere you want without concern for the location of the sun. (Just a few minutes ago I had someone call to cancel a headshot session today because it’s cloudy. I had to explain that cloudy = good).

So, Katie and Tim and I bounced around a lot to different locations and got a lot of great shots (and had a lot of fun!)

Tampa bay Engagement Session