Locations for your Tampa Senior Portrait Session

There are a lot of great locations to have a Senior Portrait Session in Tampa but one of my favorites is Phillipe Park in Oldsmar. It’s a huge park, right on Tampa Bay and centrally located for just about anyone who lives in the bay area. I especially like that there are several different types of places in the park. There’s some great stone steps, forest, walkways, a winding road… so many choices for a single session.

I’ve shot there a couple of times in the last few weeks and I’m always finding new spots to fall in love with. Also, this may not seem like a big deal but it is, there are tons of bathrooms! For a senior session, I like a couple of outfits and it’s easier to change in a bathroom than in a car. :)

If you are getting a senior portrait session, take a look around at some of the alternative spots in Tampa Bay. Don’t get me wrong, the beach is great and everyone in the county seems to shoot at University of Tampa but there are some great small parks and such around the area that can give you some looks you won’t get elsewhere.

Here’s the beautiful Sarah, shot at Phillipe Park in Oldsmar

Senior Portraits Tampa Bay