I was photographing the wedding recently of Jean-Pierre and Mindi at Sand Key Park in Clearwater. I had just started doing the “romantic” pictures when the bride said, “I’m fine to get in the water.”

Now, I love a bride and groom who are willing to get a little wet. It’s just one more chance to get some incredible images. But she said something I’d never heard before:

“I’m gonna take this off.”

Then she reached down and started removing the bottom of her dress.

To be fair, I don’t spend a lot of time researching wedding gowns. I know the basics like Princess Cut vs. Mermaid, etc. But I had never seen a wedding dress with a removable bottom. How can it be that I have photographed literally hundreds of brides on the beach and never once had a bride wear this sort of dress? Is it a new thing?

I love it! How great that you get to change into something short and sexy in two minutes!

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