I recently bought my third Fuji X100 camera. My first wwas the Fuji X100S, then the Fuji X100F and now the latest version, the Fuji X100V. Since this is my third camera in the line, I’ve had a lot of experience with the settings and controls so I thought it might be helpful to list the first 7 things I do after I take it out of the box. These 7 things are the bare minimum for me. They are the 7 things I want to do before I take my first picture.

1. Image Quality
The first thing I do is set the image quality where I will use it the most. For me that’s “Fine,” which is the largest JPG file the camera produces. I shoot in RAW for my professional work but with my Fuji X100V I like to shoot in JPG.

2. Raw Recording
Yes, I know I just said that I don’t shoot RAW but if I do… I want to shoot compressed to save space.

3. AF + MF
One of the neat little tricks with the Fuji X100V (and previous versions) is this feature right here. If you half-press the shutter button the camera will auto-focus. If you turn the focus ring while the button is half-pressed, you will switch to manual focus. It’s great when shooting in low light or on a busy street where you want to dial in a particular spot for focus.

4. MF Assist.
This setting goes hand-in-hand with AF+MF. This is where you tell the camera what you want to see when you use manual focus. I use the Peak/Bright Red setting so I can easily see exactly what is in focus.

5. Touch Screen Mode
This is my first camera with a touch screen so I actually got this wrong the first time I set it. I originally thought I wanted the touch screen to just focus when I touch it but quickly realized that I wanted it to focus AND shoot. It’s just easier.

6. Auto ISO Settings
I use Auto ISO all the time when shooting natural light so setting this up is a must

7. Power Management
If I leave the camera on, I want it to stay on for as long as possible before shutting itself off.

Now that I’ve set these 7 setting in my Fuji X100V I’m ready to start shooting and learning the system. After I take some time to get used to the camera, I’ll go in and tweak a few settings but that’s another video. :)