I recently traveled to Texas to photograph a wedding at The Woodlands Resort in Houston. Kyle and Kelsey were married on a beautiful day. The weather was perfect which can be asking a lot in Houston and The Woodlands Resort is a wonderful place for a wedding.

Before heading out to Houston I contacted some friends of mine who are also members of the PPA. One of the many benefits of being involved with the Professional Photographers Association of America is that I have contacts all over the world. I reached out to Francie at Fireheart Photography in search of a second-shooter and Francie offered to do it herself! It was great having a full-time pro along to help handle the day.

The Woodlands is a big resort with golf, etc. I was warned that there would be a lot of walking. I had to laugh when I got there and saw that “a lot of walking” meant a couple hundred yards down a sidewalk from the rooms to the venue. For someone who spends a lot of his days walking 300 yards across sugar sand to shoot a beach wedding, a couple hundred yards down a nice, level sidewalk is a stroll in the park. :)

The wedding was wonderful. Here are a few of the over 500 images from the day:

The Woodlands Wedding the-woodlands-wedding-002 the-woodlands-wedding-003 the-woodlands-wedding-004

the-woodlands-wedding-005 the-woodlands-wedding-006

I just love black and white photographing. It strips away all the distractions of color in the scene (and believe me, there are a lot of color distractions in a hotel room) and pulls attention to the subject. I love the big, vista-like sunset pictures that I shoot of the couple at my weddings but I love these quiet, still moments just as much.the-woodlands-wedding-007 the-woodlands-wedding-008

the-woodlands-wedding-009 the-woodlands-wedding-010 the-woodlands-wedding-011 the-woodlands-wedding-012 the-woodlands-wedding-013 The Woodlands Wedding

the-woodlands-wedding-015 the-woodlands-wedding-016 the-woodlands-wedding-017 the-woodlands-wedding-018 the-woodlands-wedding-019 the-woodlands-wedding-020 the-woodlands-wedding-021 the-woodlands-wedding-022 the-woodlands-wedding-023

the-woodlands-wedding-024 the-woodlands-wedding-025 the-woodlands-wedding-026 the-woodlands-wedding-027 the-woodlands-wedding-028 the-woodlands-wedding-029 the-woodlands-wedding-030

the-woodlands-wedding-031 the-woodlands-wedding-032 the-woodlands-wedding-033 the-woodlands-wedding-034 the-woodlands-wedding-035 the-woodlands-wedding-036

Kyle and Kelsey did something very cool that I’ve never seen in all my years of shooting weddings. At the end of the reception when the guests went outside for the exit, Kyle and Kelsey stayed behind for a final dance together. I loved this opportunity to photograph them all alone in the room!

the-woodlands-wedding-037 the-woodlands-wedding-038 the-woodlands-wedding-039 the-woodlands-wedding-040

Another first for me: First wedding couple to leave in a golf cart…

the-woodlands-wedding-041 the-woodlands-wedding-042