The Vinoy is probably the nicest hotel in St. Petersburg. I consider it and the Don Cesar to be the two at the top of the food chain so it’s always a treat to shoot a wedding at either one.

Josh and Melissa had a big wedding. Big wedding party, big ballroom, lots of people… exactly the kind of wedding you see in the movies. There were a lot of challenges for me, the biggest being the ceremony which started in daylight and ended in darkness!

Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:Vinoy wedding the-vinoy-wedding-002 the-vinoy-wedding-003 the-vinoy-wedding-004 the-vinoy-wedding-005 the-vinoy-wedding-006 the-vinoy-wedding-007 the-vinoy-wedding-008 the-vinoy-wedding-009 the-vinoy-wedding-010 the-vinoy-wedding-011 the-vinoy-wedding-012 the-vinoy-wedding-013 the-vinoy-wedding-014 the-vinoy-wedding-015 the-vinoy-wedding-016 the-vinoy-wedding-017 the-vinoy-wedding-018 the-vinoy-wedding-019 the-vinoy-wedding-020 the-vinoy-wedding-021 the-vinoy-wedding-022 the-vinoy-wedding-023 the-vinoy-wedding-024 the-vinoy-wedding-025 the-vinoy-wedding-026 the-vinoy-wedding-027 the-vinoy-wedding-028 the-vinoy-wedding-029 the-vinoy-wedding-030 the-vinoy-wedding-031 the-vinoy-wedding-032 the-vinoy-wedding-033 the-vinoy-wedding-034 the-vinoy-wedding-035 the-vinoy-wedding-036 the-vinoy-wedding-037 the-vinoy-wedding-038 the-vinoy-wedding-039 the-vinoy-wedding-040 the-vinoy-wedding-041 the-vinoy-wedding-042 the-vinoy-wedding-043 the-vinoy-wedding-044 the-vinoy-wedding-045 the-vinoy-wedding-046 the-vinoy-wedding-047 the-vinoy-wedding-048