Yesterday’s wedding was a very bright wedding. There wasn’t a cloud in sight anywhere and we are just starting to get into the summer weather, which means it’s only going to get hotter and brighter from here. In a month it will be like standing on the sun (not really but hey, everyone complains about the weather!)

There’s a popular style of wedding photography right now that I call the “1970’s, film camera, amateur” look. You know the style… everything looks washed out and orangey (that’s actually a spell-checked spelling of “orangey”)… like it was shot in the 70’s. I know photographers who shoot entire weddings this way. I like to use it when I need it, like when it’s a very bright day with no cloud cover, but I don’t use it too much because then you have to use it all the time so everything matches and then you run the risk of having wedding pictures that look very dated in 10-15 years. (I imagine a child asking her Mother, “Why are your wedding pictures so orange?” the same way we asked our Mothers, “Why are your sleeves so puffy?”)

Don’t get snarky, I’m not saying it’s a bad style, far from it. I’m just saying I don’t shoot entire weddings in that style. Every photographer has to pick their own style. However, I do like to use it when the mood strikes me (or if I’m asked. You can always ask. :)

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