Tampa Aquarium is an Incredible Wedding Venue

You can look all over town for a unique place to get married and you just won’t find anything like The Tampa Aquarium. Where else can you get married in front of a live shark? I was fortunate enough to be the photographer at Anthony and Elizabeth’s wedding recently at the aquarium and had a great time. It really is one of those venues where you feel lucky to have the job that you have… photographing people on the happiest day of their lives at a truly unique and cool place!

One of the great things about booking Booray Perry photography for your wedding is that all of our wedding packages are custom built for the couple. So, when Anthony and Elizabeth decided that they wanted us to start with the ceremony and skip the “getting ready” phase of the wedding, we were able to shift that money and put it towards something else like the photobooth and a custom album. Our system of wedding photography packages really gives you the most flexibility with your budget.

The Tampa Aquarium may be the most challenging wedding venue in the city for a wedding photographer. For us, it’s always about light. What light is available? What light can I add? How will that light work in this room?…. We are always trying to figure out the best way to light a room for great images. The best thing we can hope for is a lot of flat, white surfaces because our flash will “bounce” light off the walls and ceiling like a pinball… bouncing all over the room to light everything.

You don’t get that at The Tampa Aquarium.

In order to see what’s inside the tanks, everything outside the tanks is painted black. So, the tank looks awesome but everything else is dark. We tackle this problem with flashes on light stands around the room but it’s definitely the sort of place where your wedding photographer needs to really know their stuff.

Until recently, the wedding reception was held in front of the tank and it was restricted in size because it’s not a big space. Now, the aquarium has a new banquet room that is beautiful and can accommodate a typical wedding so you get married in front of the tank and go to the new hall for the party.

Here’s just a few favorites from the wedding!

Wedding Tampa Aquarium

Yes, that’s a penguin. You can always tell if the wedding is at The Tampa Aquarium. You just don’t see a penguin anywhere else.

Credit to the sharks for posing during the ceremony…

This is a cool touch. When you kiss, they release a huge stream of bubbles in the tank…

What you aren’t seeing here is the 10 pictures I have of the penguin trying to eat the bouquet. lol

tampa aquarium wedding 13

The jellyfish tank may be the coolest thing in the place…

The photobooth is always a hit!