When you shoot as many weddings as I do, you get pretty good at it… and pretty fast (I photograph about 70 beach weddings a year for Perfect Florida Beach Wedding in addition to all the weddings I photograph for my company). This works out great because I can shoot more setups in less time than most wedding photographers which is sometimes very important when you are racing against a setting sun. (“setups” are what we call individual poses when working”)

You might think that I would be happy to just do the same thing all the time but that’s where you’d be wrong. Most people become photographers for the creative aspect so even though it might be easier to just do the same thing every time, it can become routine. So, I’m always looking for new ideas to change things up.

I love props. Shells, signs, you name it I’ve used it and I’m always on the look-out for something new.

I came across this one the other day and used it last Saturday with Scott and Kristen. When I asked her what she loved, she said, “The Blacklist.” I love that show too!

Clearwater Beach Wedding