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Headshot Tampa Launches

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve launched a new website! is dedicated to helping people get a great business headshot and incredible corporate event photography in Tampa Bay. I’ve had the domain name for years and I’ve always had a website on it but never spent much time trying to optimize it.

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Why A New Tampa Headshot Website?

I already have a website for Booray Perry Photography and there’s a section devoted to head shots so why create a new one? I’ve been telling people for years just how important it is to have a good business headshot and it looks like society has begun to listen to all us professional photographers. I’m doing more offices than ever before as companies are realizing how important it is to have a great face attached to their brand. The way you look online is so important.

I also wanted to have a website for business headshots that was all “professional.” I’m very personable on this website because being a wedding photographer means connecting with people but I think when people are looking for a head shot photographer it’s more about business and experience. I wanted a website that reflected that. I’m not sure that someone shopping for images for their law firm would appreciate my zombie apocalypse jokes. :)

It’s the same service and the same image quality no matter if you contact me through this website or through my new one. But now my headshot work gets to be front and center in it’s own space.

So if you need a new headshot, check it out. :)

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Tampa Head Shots

It seems like lately I’ve been getting more and more calls for head shots and professional portraits in Tampa and it makes me so happy! Not just because I get to work but because these images are so much more important than most people realize. There are so many bad head shots out there… I see social media like Facebook and Linkedin all the time with horrible images of people and it makes me cringe. This is your calling card! This is your first impression! The day is long gone when we can treat a professional portrait like an annoyance to be done once every decade or so. We live in a world of images now.

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Think about your head shot the way you would think about a job interview. You want to look your best, you want to be prepared, you want to smile and be confident. Well, you want your picture to reflect that and that means good lighting, good posing and a professional photographer. I can’t stress enough how important it is to treat your online image the same way you treat you real-world image. The two cannot be separated.

tampa head shot photographer 001

It doesn’t matter what type of image you need. Modern or Environmental… they both require a photographer with a solid set of skills and experience. It’s funny but you would think that a head shot would be one of the easiest things to do as a photographer but it’s exactly the opposite. It’s easy to do but hard to do well. The results of a good head shot session are obvious. A little retouching goes a long way as well. Not so much that you look fake but just enough that you look your best is the secret.

tampa head shot photographer 001

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Bar Mitzvah Photography in Tampa

We just wrapped up the big, 50 page custom Bar Mitzvah Album for Luke this week. Luke’s Bar Mitzvah was late last year at Schaarai Zedek Temple in south Tampa. If you’re wondering how long it takes to get your Bar Mitzvah album it can actually be pretty fast. We always work at the best pace for the family so sometimes it’s 2 weeks and sometimes it’s 2 years (yes, we have people who take 2 years to pick their favorite images all the time.) We really believe in not rushing people to get it finished. We want it to be an enjoyable experience for them and we’ve even been told that sometimes waiting a year gives them a new perspective about what images are “album-worthy.” Regardless of whether you want your Bar Mitzvah album right away or at a more leisurely pace, we aim to please!

Luke selected the custom image cover for his album. This cover is a full wrap-around image that is really something to see. It’s a great introduction to what’s inside the album:tampa bar mitzvah photographer

The pages you see below are panoramic. That means you are looking at two pages. Our albums lay flat with no gutter so you get a big 12×24 inch print across two pages.